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Quintana Sales and Services Limited, grew out of what was originally a procurement and logistics company registered in 1972, as a branch of the parent organization, Pool Santana Ltd. Quintana is presently owned and managed as an independent company and through the leadership and vision of its management team, Quintana evolved into one of T&T’s leading service provider to the energy sector in the field of Water – Jetting commonly known as Hydro – Blasting.

In becoming who we are, our team of dedicated and committed employees have played a significant and integral role in developing the company to what it is today. We continue to invest in our employees by providing the necessary training and support to ensure that they can excel in their respective fields and personal endeavors.

Being a service provider, we are also STOW certified; though it is mandatory it is just one way in which we express our commitment to ensuring all our work practices are safe. At Quintana we continuously assess our employees on and off the field to ensure safety is always a priority, not only do we assess our employees we have engaged the services of reputable third-party inspection providers to ensure our equipment are certified through visual, function and calibration and where necessary magnetic particle inspection together with ultrasonic testing and load/ stress testing.

Over the years of being a service provider, Quintana has achieved many accolades for its exceptional quality of work and ethical standards. Our team of supervisors together with our management continuously develop and employ the best industry practices and technology in an effort to maintain a high quality and standard of work. We also engage our employees in the process of active learning where they are equipped with an all-round transferable skill.

In continuing to build its reputation as a key service provider to the industry Quintana has engaged in the process of diversification by strategically expanding its services in areas that complement its core business. QSSL also offers a range of mechanical, electrical & instrumentation supplies and services for the oil & gas, petrochemical, energy, chemicals, and power industries. As a one-stop solution provider, we cater to engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, and maintenance of plants and equipment. Our strategic diversification plans always consider the needs of our customers and are geared towards creating long – term partnerships in which both parties mutually benefit.

Our customers can attest, the quality of Quintana’s work is not expensive, and they will all appreciate the fact that it is priceless! Among the industrial leaders, Quintana Sales and Services Limited is the only service company that delivers industrial cleaning solutions at the highest standards.

01. Our Vision

To be the industry’s premier and preferred choice for water-jetting/hydro - blasting services and industrial supplies throughout the region.

02. Our Mission

To provide the highest quality, most effective, safe and professional solutions for your industrial needs; Maintaining state of the art equipment and highly trained employees without compromising the environment or safety. Quintana provides industrial services so that our customers can operate at their best.
Quintana is committed to providing valued customers like you with the best possible services in today's hydro - blasting industry. To do this, we demonstrate a focus on safety, quality and efficiency while working as team members with your staff.



QSSL has been built on the principle of strong cohesive teamwork, commitment, dedication and single-mindedness. This is reflected in our goals to maintain our position as a leader in our field of expertise. As such, this remains a primary pillar of our strength and stability.


Hard work 

Hard work and perseverance are values that have been a hallmark of our growth and success. As a result, these values have contributed in building the culture of QSSL thus allowing us to be confident in further growth of the company and greater successes in the future.



One of the key to the successes of QSSL is the unwavering value of our word, if we say it, we get it done with quality and performance. We have maintained the principle of honouring our commitments throughout the existence of QSSL and it has been a key factor in acquiring the trust of our clients.



Establish new areas of investment

Observe trends and new developments in the industry on a continuous basis Creating Relevant, Niche and Innovative Products and Services.


Improve our customer services

Implementation of a Client/Customer Complaint System Recruit competent personnel to perform with excellence.


Invest in our employees

Provide continuous training to further improve our employees’ competence on the job Recognition and Reward employees who excel in their field of work expertise.


Build a cohesive workforce

Engage in offsite team building events such as Recreational activities.


Give back to the community

Sponsor various cultural and community events

Create projects to develop the community that can be done as a team.


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