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Quintana is well equipped to complete a range of fusion as it pertains to the use of HDPE pipes and fittings. Among our specialized equipment geared towards this purpose is the TRACSTAR 618 fusion machine (as seen in the picture above) which can be used to complete polyethelene butt fusion joints within the range  of 6" to 18". 

The Tracstar 618 is diesel driven. Other specialized equipment include that which can be used for 1" to 4" butt fusion as well as branch saddles and other fittings.


In order to complete our range of blasting and washing activities, both on land and offshore, Quintana employs the use of our many Air compressors. They are outfitted on skids and are suitable for use within the Construction Industry as well as the Oil and Gas Industry. Both, 185 CFM and 375 CFM are available for use and rental.

JCB 3DX 4 x 4 Backhoe

These units belong to Quintana's construction department. They are mainly used for general construction and pipe laying( PVC, CS, HDPE). Our fleet of backhoes include mainly 4 x 4's which are more suitable for works in all types of terrain. 


In order to aid in our washing activities, Quintana has a number of Vacuum tankers which can be used for the pumping of base sediments and water.These tankers have been outfitted to connect to any existing connections on your facility. These are used in the cleaning of tanks, etc. To compliment these services, rates are offered for the proper disposal of BS & W with destruction certificates.


Quintana has a wide range of High pressure Pumps within the range of 10,000 PSI, 20,000 PSI and 40, 000 PSI. These are mainly used for water blasting of heat exchangers/vessels/boilers, cold cutting of steel(hydrocutting), aquamilling of tubulars and concrete cutting. The smaller pumps are outfitted with hitches while the larger ones are built on skids so that they can be moved. Our high pressure pumps are designed to be used on both land and offshore facilities.

Wacker Neuson LTN 6 Lighting towers

Amongst our equipment used in the Construction Industry, Quintana has a wide range of lighting equipment utilized within and outside of industrial plants. These vary in size and lighting intensity as it pertains to getting the job done, from handheld intrinsic lights to large towers erected to light up entire job sites.


In addition from vacuuming and washing, Quintana also provides pumping services with the use of their many centrifugal pumps, whether it pertains to the draining of tanks or for the diversion of rivers. These pumps are adaptable to different size inputs and outputs to give the desired flow rates or volume. 


Apart from the blasting services provided by Quintana, other departments include General Construction and Piping works. These excavators are key in the preparation of foundation works and ditching of underground piping(PVC, HDPE, CS) especially large bore. These units are also available for rental.

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