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Being a registered member of the Water Jetting Technology Association (WJTA) we are exposed to the most up to date technologies and practices in the business, as such we are always investing in tools and technology to keep ourselves up to date but mainly to provide a quality of service to our clients that is second to none.


This is one of the most well known in the industry, this nozzle uses two or four straight nozzles mounted at an angle on a rotating head at the end of the HP gun. The Barracuda nozzle uses a combination of water pressure and rotating speed to achieve its purpose. It is commonly used for surface preparation in removal or stripping of paint, removal of rust scales or barnacles or even creating a profile of floated concrete surfaces. The Barracuda nozzle is an external surface cleaning tool used by Quintana and it is available in 10kPSI, 15kPSI and 20kPSI.


This is a self-rotating nozzle designed and used for cleaning internals of pipes and pipe spools. The Badger nozzle’s coned or penetrating design makes it perfect for removing rust scales, mill – scales or even sludge from any pipeline. Quintana has two sizes available in the Badger nozzle; 2” and 4” which we have used successfully on a number of our jobs for our clients and it is available in 10kPSI.


Another rotating nozzle designed for pipe cleaning, this nozzle however is designed for larger diameter piping and it is generally accompanied with a centralizer to stabilize the nozzle within the pipe. This nozzle can also be used for vessel cleaning. Quintana used this nozzle on numerous occasions up to 15kPSI successfully.


The centralizer is designed to be used with both the BJV nozzle or the Badger nozzle when cleaning the external of large diameter vertical pipes to increase efficiency of the cleaning process. The centralizer designed with Teflon wheels to ensure that it maintains the internal lining or coating of piping if any was done and also to eliminate the risk of any sparks.


These nozzles are commonly used with a flex – lance and or stinger. This combination of tools is available from 1/16” D to ½” D and is used for cleaning heat exchangers, pipelines or spools and underground drainage on plants or platforms. The retro – jetting nozzles are available in various flow rates and pressure and are commonly used throughout the industry by Quintana.


A recent addition to our nozzles is the 3D nozzle; this nozzle is perfect for vessel cleaning. This nozzle reduces or eliminates the need for vessel entry, this nozzle as the name suggests, provides cleaning in three directions while rotating. It works within the range of 3kPSI to 20kPSI using a high flow rate to achieve its efficiency.


Projectile cleaning of tubular heat exchangers and condensers is a process that utilises metal scrapers and brushes (nylon or wire) together with water at high pressure to remove any debris or build – up of any sediments on the internal walls of the exchanger tubes. The scrapers remove debris while the nylon and or wire brushes polish the internal surface to restore efficiency of the exchangers.


The hydro – mower is the perfect tool for cleaning floors on plants and driveways. The hydro – mower as the name suggests is designed as a mower on four wheels and a rotating nozzle with two headers. This nozzle uses a combination of flow rate and pressure to increase or decrease the rotating speed to clean floors. Quintana has demonstrated and used this tool throughout the industry on numerous occasions.

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