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QSSL is known for its services in the hydro-blasting industry locally as well as regionally.  This division of our company has and still is a fruitful venture. In addition, other maintenance services are provided.  We provide quality and expert services in the following areas:


This method of surface preparation and cleaning is perfect for highly flammable or explosive areas. It uses a combination of abrasive and water at high pressure to remove rust and paint. It is quite effective in cleaning welds to carry out Magnetic Particle Inspection on vessels and surface preparation on offshore platforms, vessels and storage tanks to repaint. Together with this a rust inhibitor is also applied to prevent the occurrence of rusting on newly blasted areas.


Slurry blasting is the ideal method for surface preparation of metal and even concrete in cases where dust creates an issue. This method uses abrasive with air and water to carry surface preparation or cleaning in which the water suppresses the dust that would normally be generated from sand – blasting and washes the surface being prepared. It has proven to be highly effective and suitable for the oil and gas industry where sparks generated from sand – blasting poses a risk or fire hazard and even in the area of MPI inspections carried out on welded joints and bridges


Cold – cutting of steel is popular in the oil and gas industry as it relates to removal of tank sections or demolishing of tanks and vessels, Quintana has built a reputation in this area as we are the first to have successfully removed a tank section using this method. Cold – cutting uses UHP (40kPSI) combined with a precision nozzle and abrasive to cut steel. Noting the high levels of risks involved in carrying out these jobs Quintana has trained, certified and experienced personnel together with inspected and certified equipment from third – party inspectors. We also provide Turtle Suits for all our blasters given that this is the only recommended safety measure for those who are directly involved with the blasting.


Cleaning is our business, Quintana has been in the business of tank and vessel cleaning for decades and we have done so quite efficiently and effectively for all our clients. Offshore we have done entry - less vessel cleaning using the technologies available to us in record time. Utilizing our vacuum trucks and water – jetting pumps Quintana has successfully carried out numerous tank cleaning jobs. In all cases we have maintained all safety requirements, training and rescue teams and equipment ensuring our employees return unharmed or uninjured.


Quintana has been pursuing vacuuming as an integral part of our diversification drive and have introduced to our fleet of equipment; tractor trucks together with hydraulically driven vacuum tankers and trucks which we have renting to some of the recognizable names in the area of bioremediation and also to some of our clients in the industry. Our tractor trucks and vacuum trailers have become quite popular on the roads of this country and are available in 50BBL’s and 80BBL’s together with our fleet of 130BBL’s and 150BBL’s vacuum tankers.


Hydraulically driven vacuums were installed which can vacuum down to approximately 28” Hg and discharge up to 30 PSI. Recognizing the industry trends moving towards spark/ ignition free work environment in the oil and gas processing facilities, QSSL chose hydraulic options for our vacuum trucks and tankers. Being a part of the industry for decades QSSL understands the importance of safety and quality and so we provide third-party certification for all our units, visual, function and operator certificates together with spill kits on our trucks and trailers.


Not only did we invest in vacuum trailers, we have also purchased a fleet of brand-new flatbed 40’ trailers with loading capacity of 40,000 kgs and 45’ – 85’ extendable trailers with 50,000 loading capacity to complement our existing fleet of trailers. Together with tractor trucks and trailers Quintana also provides rental of truck mounted cranes commonly known as hiab with lifting capacity up to 10T. At Quintana we understand the importance of safety and therefore we ensure our equipment are certified together with experienced and certified operators and banksmen.


Being involved in the Oil and Gas sector, Quintana has ventured into the Welding and Fabrication areas as well. We have been providing services of this nature for approximately two decades. It was this consistent development of competence and talent that fuelled our growth over the years as the scale of our projects increased in both size and complexity. Our good working relationship with clients/suppliers has complimented our unique and impeccable workmanship, thus resulting in high quality performance. This has allowed us to perform small to medium sized contracts within their stipulated delivery period.
Our skilled, certified welding staff has years of welding experience and can provide a full range of services ranging from structural and plate welding to coded pipe welding as identified below;

Steel Structures

Caged Ladders
Plate works
Process Piping
Steel Roofing
Tank Construction


Throughout the years, Quintana has been known for its expertise in tank construction and repairs. From water storage to specialised chemical tank construction, our team has successfully fabricated and constructed many tanks specifically for the petrochemical industry. This progression has been achieved by focusing on quality in its management, documentation, fabrication and onsite installations. In recent years, management has also invested in plasma and water - jetting technology allowing repairs and construction involving cutting to be completed in a more efficient manner. Whether you need a new tank or repairs to an existing tank, Quintana gets the job done right.


In an effort to complement our services within the construction and oil/gas sector, Quintana has consistently provided scaffolding material and erection serviced for the past decade. We engage a highly skilled, experienced and certified team of scaffolders with vast industry knowledge and a sound understanding of the health and safety responsibilities that scaffolding projects require. We have the team and resources to ensure consistently high standards in our workmanship and customer service. By adopting high levels of professionalism & dedicated customer service, it has earned us a reputation as a trustworthy scaffold partner among our satisfied customers in the relevant industries.


Amongst the different areas in which Quintana has diversified over the years, is the distribution and fusion of (High Density Polyethylene) HDPE pipes and Fittings. In recognising the need for such a service in Trinidad and Tobago and the region as a whole, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment to competently perform projects of this nature. This initiative has proven successful in the oil and gas sector but is not limited to and has immense advantages in the potable water supply and distribution areas as well. Quintana has since rose to the forefront in the region in providing HDPE Equipment and Certified Personnel.
Quintana offers a range of McElory Butt Fusion and Saddle Fusion Equipment. The name McElroy is known worldwide as the most reliable and rugged fusion equipment in the world. With such equipment, for the past 5 years, we have also been providing internationally trained and certified technicians as required to complete designs, repairs and entire pipe runs for a wide range of services.
Coupled with the equipment and highly experienced trained personnel to conduct pipe fusion, Quintana has acquired distributorships from some leading manufacturers in the industry;

Performance Pipes Inc
Plasson USA
Advanced Drainage Systems Inc (ADS)
Poly-Cam Inc

Together with these partners, Quintana intends to meet all your needs to complete any HDPE project whether supply or fusion with the highest quality.

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